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The Travelling Baker Project

The Travelling Baker Project

Today, when the western images  dominate design and architecture students’ minds, they become disassociated with indigenous practices. With a jargonized consciousness around, the inspirations need to come from the self. Especially, when there is a wave of sustainability in design environment, and complex facial approaches towards it, there is a need to come up with relevant and simple methods. Architect Laurie Baker’s work lies in the relevant domain of indigenous geniuses. His wide variety of works handled with not so common ‘common sense’ is boon for this century.

Being an architecture and design student, I always heard and acknowledged Laurie Baker’s work, but never realised the strength of his way of building, which lie in the power of simplicity. So, I see this project as an opportunity to present, to our generation, a relevant philosophy towards design and life.

The exhibition design’s prototype and model got a warm response at recently concluded IDC’s Aaroha: Design Degree Show at Nehru Centre, Mumbai. The response and appreciation has boosted the confidence and belief towards this project.

Mode and Method

The travelling exhibition will begin its journey from the August of 2010 at an architecture school in Mumbai. It will plan to stay one week per Architecture College, and ignite discussion of common sense based people’s architecture. The whole system of exhibition will be mobile and can be transported in a four wheel vehicle. The installation requires a minimum of three people and can be kept in a semi-open area. The structure employs a unique design with bamboo, yin and yang, which makes the panels stand.

Architecture colleges in India have a strong network of students (NASA) through which a student volunteer will be appointed. This volunteer will be responsible for the hosting of exhibition at his school.

Please mail to, if you want to be the student volunteer of your architecture/design school.


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