the architect and philosophy


Thanks all!

The project was guided by my teacher at IDC, Prof.Kirti Trivedi. It was him who ignited me to work towards making this project as a ‘real’ project.

I owe my thanks to Mummy (Mrs. ELizabeth Baker), Sri Tilak Baker, Sajan Sir, people at Costford Trivandrum, Keith, Col.Jacob’s family, Ms. Nalini Nayak, Seema KK, Jeetesh, Mano and Venu. Architect Gautam Bhatia’s work was the bible for the Project, hats to him for believing and publicizing Baker’s philosophy. Sri Arvind Gupta, whose online collection was the resource bank for the content.

Last but not the least, my parents who have always given me confidence and my friends at IDC who really helped me realising this project.