the architect and philosophy

Sponsor the Project


A leading English daily has agreed to cover it in its National edition. The social networking sites (Orkut and Facebook) will also help in reaching towards the audience, the students. Apart from students, with the consent of ‘host’ school there will be invitations to residents of the catchment area. The general public can also understand the principles explained and practised by Laurie Baker.


This project will interact with around 8000 architecture students in 50 different architecture schools of India where you and your organisation can create goodwill among the young students who will shape the built environment of our nation in coming years. Along with students, the exhibition will also be open to the general public.


The name of the promoting brand will be boldly acknowledged with the people who have supported with their knowledge and inputs.  The logo (if any) of the sponsoring organisation will be displayed at a dedicated acknowledgement panel in the Exhibition. The small take away booklets and brochures will have the sponsor’s mention. Also, there will be a dedicated and clickable mention at the Travelling Baker Project’s Official Blog

Sponsorship Cost

The cost will include the printing front-back artworks on laminated sun board panels, crafts involved, bamboo support structures and printing associate booklets and brochures.

Let us know if you or your organisation is keen to sponsor the project at